Many seniors require assistance completing daily tasks, such as bathing and cooking. In-home senior care allows many of these individuals to get the assistance they need without having to relocate to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Some of these individuals will find that they are still unable to meet their daily needs simply because they failed to choose the right type of in-home care. This is why it is so important to understand the difference between home care and home healthcare when choosing an in home care program for your elderly loved ones.

Taking the time to review the information outlined below can help you to develop this understanding:

Home Care

Home care services are commonly used by seniors who are in relatively good health, but simply require assistance with basic daily tasks. These services are administered by a home health aide who is typically trained by the company they work for rather than receiving a formal education or nursing degree. The services that these aides are able to provide include:

  • assistance with bathing
  • assistance with dressing
  • medication reminders
  • help completing errands
  • cooking
  • basic household cleaning
  • companionship

Home aides are not certified nurses, and will therefore be limited in the medical care they can provide.

Home Healthcare

Home healthcare agencies are staffed with home nurses rather than home aides. Each of these nurses will have received a formal education, as well as some on the job training. As a result of their formal training, these nurses are far better equipped to deal with seniors that are recovering from surgery or a recent injury. These nurses will also work with seniors that suffer from chronic medical conditions.

In addition to offering all of the same services as a home aide, a home nurse will be able to:

  • administer medications
  • assist with physical therapy exercises
  • relay updates regarding your condition directly to your primary physician
  • monitor conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure

Since home healthcare agencies are licensed to provide in-home medical care, many seniors will find that this care is covered by their medical insurance while home care services may not be covered.

In Conclusion

While many people assume that home care and home healthcare as interchangeable, the fact is that these two in home care options offer very different services. By carefully reviewing the services each of these options has to offer, as well as the particular needs of the senior in your life, you will be able to effectively choose the right senior care option.

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