Although pregnancy brings many joys, it can also bring pain -- particularly lower back pain. During your second and third trimesters, the growing weight of your baby (as well as an increase in bodily fluids and a loosening of the joints in your pelvis and spine) can cause your vertebrae to buckle or strain, causing intense pain and discomfort. However, much of the pain medication traditionally prescribed for back pain is not recommended during pregnancy. What can a wincing mama do? Read on to learn more about several natural ways to treat your pregnancy-induced lower back pain.

Change your sleeping position

Sleeping on your back during late pregnancy can not only exacerbate your pain, it can harm your growing baby. When your stomach reaches a certain size, lying on your back for an extended period of time can cause the uterus to lie back on one of the arteries that carries blood from your heart to your uterus. Over time, this can reduce the amount of oxygen provided to your placenta, which can restrict your baby's growth.

Sleeping on your side (with a full-length body pillow tucked between your legs so each hip joint is perpendicular with your spine) can help eliminate much of your lower back pain by ensuring that your spine is able to stretch itself while you sleep.

Consider chiropractic care

Although many of the more traditional adjustments (which require you to lie on your stomach) are not suitable for pregnancy, there are a number of other chiropractic treatments that are safe and even beneficial during pregnancy. Because a spinal adjustment ensures that all the nerves and tiny blood vessels connecting your nervous system and various reproductive organs are in working order (as well as ensuring that your pelvis is aligned), this can help you avoid preterm labor.

Getting a periodic chiropractic adjustment while pregnant or advice from a clinic like the Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates will ensure your spinal health and help reduce back pain not only now, but in the future.

Take a hot bath

Hot baths are a somewhat controversial topic for pregnant mothers. It's true that raising your body temperature during pregnancy (whether through a bath, a hot tub or jacuzzi, or a fever) may potentially harm your unborn child. However, a hot bath that doesn't raise your body temperature is as fine during pregnancy as it is at any other time. Because hot baths can relieve your stress, as well as your back pain, you should feel free to take as many as needed (being sure that your core temperature doesn't increase).