If you are suffering from arthritis, then there are simple stretches that you can do to help improve your mobility and reduce pain. These stretches can be done at home and make a good addition any arthritis treatment program. Here are some stretches you may want to try in order to increase mobility and ease pain in your joints and muscles.

Neck Exercises

If you find that your neck has started to stiffen from arthritis, you might want to try rolling your head gently in large circles to help to loosen the muscles in your neck. You may also want to try leaning your head to the right for at least five seconds to loosen the long muscles of the neck. Once you have done the right side of your neck you can bend your head to the left side to loosen the muscles on that side of the neck.

Shoulder Shrug

Shrugging your shoulders can help to loosen you shoulder muscles. Try shrugging your shoulders at least twenty times. Once you have completed the shrugging, you can stretch your arms towards the sky to loosen the muscles in your arms.

Hand And Wrist Exercises

Sometimes arthritis can severely affect the hands. In order to keep the muscles in your hands, wrists and fingers loose, you can try a few easy exercises. Start by holding your hand in the air and gently rolling them around in a circle at least ten times so that your wrists get a good workout. You can exercise your fingers by making a fist and then stretching out your fingers as wide as you can. Do at least ten of these exercises.

Hip Workout

If your hips are prone to arthritic pain, then you can try exercising them to see if it will help.  You can do these exercises by sitting on a chair and making sure that your back is very straight. Hold onto the seat with both hands and then lift each of your legs just as you would if you were walking. Try to raise your legs as high as possible, since this will increase the depth of the stretch.

Knee Exercises

If your knees ache from time to time you can try sitting down and extending your legs individually. This simple exercise helps to stretch and loosen the muscles in the knee. Try repeating the action on each leg at least ten times.

Practicing these exercises collectively will help to make your muscles stronger and assist in the alleviation of arthritic pain.