Statistics show that about 26 out of every 1,000 girls will become pregnant between the ages of 15 and 19. As a parent, this is an alarming number to face, but a very real reminder that your daughter could easily be part of this number. If your teen daughter does come to you with an unexpected pregnancy, it is best to keep your own emotions at bay and understand that part of making sure that she and the baby are healthy is to be as supportive as possible. There is a simple ABC guideline that you can follow to help your teen daughter through her pregnancy. 

Always make sure your daughter gets adequate prenatal care. 

Teens may not fully understand the importance of receiving adequate prenatal care through their pregnancy, but this is a vital part of being pregnant for any expecting mother. Lack of prenatal care can lead to a lot of issues for both mother and baby that could otherwise be avoided. Make sure you keep tabs on appointments and help your daughter get to the doctor for her checkups, ultrasounds, and prenatal visits with an obstetrician at a clinic like Women's Healthcare Associates LLC

Be alert to the health risks associated with teen pregnancy. 

Teen pregnancy can come along with a few extra risks to the mother's health. Teens who are expecting are at a greater risk of developing preeclampsia, and pregnancy induced high blood pressure during pregnancy. Teens are also at a greater risk of having a premature labor or a baby who is a lower birth weight. Make sure you stay alert to signs that your daughter is experiencing health problems with the pregnancy, such as weight loss, changes in appetite, or preterm contractions. Keep the obstetrician's phone number on hand and don't hesitate to call if something seems off. 

Create a safe and comfortable home for your daughter.

You may not be at all happy about the situation, but if your teen daughter is pregnant, she needs a soft place to land and a stable home environment. Mothers-to-be who deal with a great deal of stress during their pregnancy are at a higher risk of developing postpartum depression. This is especially true if they don't have a good support system at home. Make sure your daughter knows that she has a loving and welcoming environment for her and her baby once it arrives to keep her emotionally well throughout her pregnancy and beyond.