If you suffer from body pain, you can find relief with a walk-in tub that comes with chromatherapy and other beneficial features. Walk-in tubs are designed to make bathing easier on you if you have problems with your back, legs or some other area of the body that limits your movements. Chromatherapy is a unique treatment designed to relax certain areas of your body with different colors, such as violet for meditation and green for harmony. The colors represent your body's energy or chakra. Here's how you benefit from a walk-in tub and chromatherapy.

What Makes a Walk-in Tub So Unique?

Walk-in tubs help you maintain your independence in the bathroom after experiencing a stroke, devastating accident or some other type of health crisis. Because most bathtubs have tall rims, you may have problems lifting your legs to climb into your bathtub safely. In addition, bathtubs are usually installed close to the flooring, which makes it difficult to stand up after you bathe.

A walk-in tub features a built-in raised seat that you allows you to bathe in comfort. The seat resembles a chair surrounded by hand and arm bars you use to support your weight as you bathe, or when you exit the tub. Along with the features above, walk-in tubs can come with a number of intricate accessory features, such as chromatherapy.

How Does Chromatherapy Help You?

Many therapists offer chromatherapy to adults who suffer from physical and mental ailments that interfere with their daily lives. The treatment is designed improve the negative energy produced by your body's organs and tissues so that you feel healthier and better about yourself. You can ask a walk-in tub provider to add chromatherapy to your tub to help you overcome your body discomfort at home. 

Chromatherapy treatment requires you to bathe in soft or bright light, depending on the type of pain you wish to treat. For instance, if you experience severe ankle pain one night, you may choose to set your chromatherapy option on the color bright red. But if you feel queasy or nauseous the next night, you can select the color yellow to soothe your digestive system. Each color allows you to maintain your health while you recover in the comfort of home. 

The supplier may have other accessory features you can benefit from, such as hip and thigh therapy. The supplier can discuss how to use the chromatherapy features on your walk-in tub during a private consultation or chat. 

For more details about walk-in tubs and chromatherapy, contact a supplier like Twin City Stair Lifts today.