If you haven't been listening to music lately, you may be harming your health. Music has long been known to have beneficial cognitive effects, but it also helps your physical condition. When you want to begin a full-body tune-up, download some new tunes and get to work.


By now, everyone in the US should know that exercise is beneficial to your health. You may not realize how much music aids in exercise. When you listen to music, the songs distract you from the discomfort that exertion sometimes brings. If you are busy listening to Adele, you'll be able to walk or run further than you would without music. If you want to pick up the pace, you should choose upbeat music, such as a summer tune by Justin Timberlake or Drake. Songs that have between 120 and 140 beats per minute can help you keep the optimum pace. Anything faster is not useful.


For those who suffer from chronic back pain, finding relief that does not involve opiate pain medication is difficult. Research shows that music can help because it affects the autonomic nervous system. When you listen to some mellow music, your blood pressure may go lower, and your heartbeat may slow down. As a result, you should breathe more slowly and have less muscle tension. In addition, your emotions should be positively affected. In short, if your back is killing you or your neck is tense, try listening to some slow, calming music. A few impassioned love songs may do more for you than a couple of pain-relief tablets. For more help with pain management, consult a professional such as Regional Pain Care.

Music Training

Learning an instrument can also benefit your health by improving your motor skills. Most research has been done on children, but learning a new skill at any age is good for your reasoning power. Taking up the guitar or piano many improve your ability to perform many other physical tasks. Imagine becoming a better athlete because you learned how to play the trombone.

Music may be able to tame the savage beast, but it also can make you healthier in a number of ways. You will be able to exercise longer and more efficiently by playing the right songs on your MP3 player. In addition, you can lower your blood pressure and slow your heart rate. Learning an instrument is also a healthy choice. Your life without music is not just a drearier place: it's a less healthy place. So, add music to your playlist today and begin living a healthier life.