A liposuction procedure can help you bid farewell to many unwanted pounds, but it's then up to you to make the necessary lifestyle changes that will prevent the fat from returning. If you return to the overall lifestyle that you led in the months and years leading up to your liposuction, the surgery will be for naught, as you'll gain weight again. However, with a number of simple but important changes, you can work to maintain your post-liposuction physique. Here are some changes that you will need to make.

Daily Exercise

If you gained enough weight that liposuction was necessary, it's possible that you weren't exercising at all. It's time to change that. Working out daily will help your body burn enough calories to offset the calories that you eat, thus allowing you to maintain your weight. Your daily workouts should be a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength-training exercises. Cardio activities include walking, running, riding your bike, and other activities in which you're using many muscles at the same time. Strength training can encompass equipment-free activities such as push-ups and sit-ups, as well as lifting weights or using weight machines. Partnering with a personal trainer is ideal, as he or she will be able to craft a specific workout regimen that suits your body.

Decrease Calories

Whenever your intake of calories exceeds your burning of calories, you'll gain weight. Coupled with exercise, the other key to maintaining your post-liposuction body is to cut down on the calories you eat each day. The methods of doing so are vast. Some people skip sweets, while others stay away from starches and fried foods. Another method is to snack regularly to avoid overeating during meals, or to serve smaller portions at mealtime. Cutting out any beverages that contain calories in favor of only drinking water, is another method that you can use to decrease your daily calorie intake.

Make Your Lifestyle More Physical

In addition to formally structured workouts, you should also strive to include more physicality in your daily routine. This means getting up and moving around when you've been sitting for long periods, parking your car so that you need to walk a long distance before you reach the supermarket, or playing with your kids in the backyard. A sedentary lifestyle is often associated with weight gain, so try to look for times that you can add even a bit of activity to your day.