Surgical abortions are used when you have to have a late-term abortion. Late-term abortions are generally used when the health of your fetus is at risk or when your health is at risk. After a surgical abortion, you need to make sure that you give your body time to heal. 

#1 Use Pads for Discharge

After a surgical abortion, it is common to have cramps and even spotting. During this time, you should wear pads to deal with the discharge. You should not use tampons at this time.  

When you get your first period after your surgical abortion, you should also use pads as well. Your body needs times to heal, and it is not safe to use tampons right away. Pads are much safer for your body.  

If you don't particularly enjoy the feel of pads, use smaller pads and be sure to change them on a frequent basis.  

#2 Use Heat to Manage Cramps 

Next, it is common to have cramps after you have a surgical abortion. Many women experience cramps for a few days, although it is not unusual to have cramps for a few weeks.  

One of the best ways to deal with and manage your cramps is with a heating pad. Place a heating pad on your abdomen. Be sure to wrap the heating pad up with a towel; you don't want to put it into direct contact with your skin.  

Another way to manage the pain is by taking a nice warm bath. The warm water around your body can help you manage the cramps from your abdominal area and any other pain you are experiencing. Just make sure that the bathtub is clean before you take a bath.  

#3 Limit Your Activities

Right after your surgery, you need to limit your physical activities. Do not engage in any activities that are really strenuous, such as lifting up heavy items or doing strength training. You should also not engage in aerobic activity either. Give your body a week or so in order to heal before you start exercising and working out.  

#4 Wait to Have Sex

Finally, you need to wait to have sex. Your body is healing, and you should not be putting anything into your vagina. Do not use sex toys either. Keep all sexual objects out of your vagina for a couple of weeks until your doctor gives you the approval to resume sexual activities. 

Having a late-term abortion for medical reasons is a serious procedure that requires a healing period of a few weeks. During this time, you are going to want to limit your activities, use pads, and refrain from sex. Work closely with your doctor to determine when you can resume activities again. Get in touch with a clinic such as Aaron Women’s Center Houston for more information.