Sleep doesn't always come easy for some, and for others sleep may come easy, but at a cost to their backs every morning. There's definitely a difference in a good night's sleep and a painful sleep. There is a way to get proper rest and wake up without pain every morning. Chiropractic adjustments can be beneficial to you, as can following chiropractic tips for a better night's sleep. Read on for tips to give you a better sleep every night.

Invest In A Good Mattress

Your mattress should be both firm and soft. It should provide cushion and support for your body, but especially at your hips, shoulder and head areas. These are the heavier parts of your body and are going to need extra support. If you're using the same mattress you've been using for more than 10 years, it's time to upgrade your mattress. There are a number of different types on the market, but don't go for the cheapest option. You're going to need to spend a little extra, but it's worth the investment.

Sleep On Your Side

If you're a stomach or back sleeper, this may be why you're waking up with soreness. You should be sleeping on your side with your spine in alignment with your hips and neck. Sleeping on your back or stomach may give you an arch in your back, which will give you the extra soreness in the morning.

Sleep With Extra Pillows

Get rid of the pancake pillow and use a fluffier pillow or extra pillows for extra support. Also use a body pillow to help support your legs and give you extra hip support, or use a body pillow close to your back to give you support on your back as well. Extra pillows may get in your way, but they can help support and keep the body in place.

Stretch Before Sleeping And Upon Waking

Before you go to bed at night, stretch your arms, shoulders and legs. Do the same stretches when you first wake up in the morning. Some simple stretches includes pulling one arm across the chest, holding it in place with your other arm. Repeat on the other side. Bend down and touch your toes, or stretch as far as you can without bending your knees. Twisting at the waist can also help stretch as well.

Chiropractic adjustments can help you in your day to day life, as well as with sleeping. Follow the tips above to help you sleep each night and to help in between your chiropractic adjustments. Talk to your chiropractor about other tips to help with sleep.