They sound like a miracle—a weight loss shake — but these health food products are merely something you can consume that will give you energy, leave you feeling satiated, and help you avoid unnecessary calories. You can find a lot of versions of weight loss shakes on the health food market that are premade or come in a mix to add to something like non-fat yogurt, milk, or just plain water. However, just as it is with most health food products, not everything is created equally. Take a look at some of the attributes any good weight loss shake mix will have. 

Make sure the shake mix is not loaded down with sugar. 

Yes, you do want the shake to taste good, but you do not need the extra sugar or calories, so stick with products that have low or no sugar. Many of the best products are sweetened with natural stevia these days to give you that palatable taste without all the extra calories you are trying to steer clear of. Some products do have some sugar, and that is OK, but you really shouldn't have something that has a ton of calories because it is loaded down with too much sugar. It is best if most of the calories come from things like protein. 

Make sure the shake mix has good quality protein. 

Protein is hugely important if you are trying to lose weight. It will give you energy and help you feel full longer, but there are all kinds of protein in weight loss shake mixes. Pea protein, whey protein, soy protein, rice protein—there's a lot of debate about which protein source is the best for helping you lose weight. In general, soy protein is usually cheaper and lower quality, so that is what you will find in many types of cheaper shake mixes. 

Make sure the shake mix is designed for the purpose. 

Shake mixes aren't just a product to help lose weight; you can actually find these nifty mixes with all kinds of other intentions. For example, a lot of protein shake mixes are there specifically to consume before a workout to help people bulk up and build more muscle. These shakes tend to be high-carb because you would need that extra energy. Pay attention to the label when you buy any certain mix and make sure that it clearly states it is meant for people who are trying to lose weight.

For more information, contact a retailer that supplies weight loss shakes.