There is some dispute regarding how effective Suboxone treatment is. Some people believe that medication-assisted treatment involves substituting one substance for another. In truth, that is simply not the case. Suboxone is incredibly beneficial for many who are dealing with and recovering from opioid addiction.

Do you still have questions about how effective this treatment option is? Here's what you need to know.

Quitting Cold Turkey Is Not Ideal

One of the most difficult things for many people to accept is that it is often not realistic to simply stop using a substance. Addiction does not work this way. This is why treatment options like Suboxone are such a good idea for those who have already tried to quit.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Is More Effective

It is much more effective to get medication-assisted treatment rather than to simply quit using a substance. When people get help through medication, they are often more able to avoid relapsing.

Suboxone Reduces Withdrawal Side Effects

One of the biggest benefits of Suboxone is reducing withdrawal effects. Often, people struggle to quit using opioids because the withdrawal effects are so severe. When people use a medication that prevents the side effects from occurring in the first place, they are less likely to turn to drugs in order to curb the discomfort or pain.

Suboxone Reduces Drug Cravings

Cravings for substances can be quite intense, whether you have been using the substances for weeks, months, or years. Suboxone reduces the cravings to ensure that you do not feel the strong desire to use opioids, especially because the medication binds to receptors that prevent the substance from being able to act in the first place.

Suboxone Is Rarely Abused

The structure of Suboxone is such that it is not likely to be abused or misused. Suboxone does not provide a "high" or sense of euphoria, so it is not a substance that can be used similarly to opioids.

Suboxone Treatment Can Be Paired With Mental Health Treatment

Finally, Suboxone is such a great option because it can be paired with other types of treatment. You can attend counseling and other types of treatment while you get physical help for dependence.

Consult With a Suboxone Treatment Provider

A Suboxone treatment provider can answer more questions about this option. If you are currently living with substance abuse disorder or know somebody who is, this option is readily available. Reach out to a professional to make sure Suboxone is a good treatment option for you.