If you have been smoking cigarettes for years and have struggled to quit using other methods, then you may be reluctant to try hypnosis for smoking cessation due to the many myths you have heard about hypnosis or the specific hypnosis technique used to help people quit smoking cigarettes. 

Read on to learn about three myths surrounding hypnosis for smoking cessation along with the facts behind these myths. 

1. You Have No Control Over Your Body During a Hypnotic Trance

There are many myths surrounding hypnotherapy, and many people are afraid to be put under hypnosis due to the belief that they will lose full control of their bodies during hypnotherapy sessions. However, the truth is that when in a hypnotic trance, a person is still fully awake, aware of everything that is going on around them, and in full control of their bodies and minds. 

A hypnotic trance is simply a state of deep relaxation of the mind. During this state, your brain is much more focused on the task at hand than usual, similar to how you may feel when deeply enthralled in the plot of a movie. 

When under hypnosis, you are simply much more open to new ideas than you are when you're not in a hypnotic state. This openness to new ideas is what makes hypnosis more effective than counseling performed when not in a hypnotic trance for some people. 

2. Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation Has No Record of Success

Some people never obtain hypnosis for smoking cessation due to a belief that this hypnotherapy simply does not work. The truth is that many scientific researchers have studied people who obtained hypnotherapy to stop smoking and found high smoking cessation success rates. 

While hypnotherapy to quit smoking may not work for everyone because no smoking cessation technique works for everyone, it has helped many people quit smoking in the past. In addition, about one-quarter of the population has a difficult time entering a hypnotic trance, so this may not be the best smoking cessation option if you have tried hypnotherapy in the past and could not enter a hypnotic state. 

3. Hypnotherapy Is Extremely Expensive

Another myth about hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is that these hypnotherapy sessions are extremely expensive. However, the truth is that hypnotherapy is typically less expensive than traditional counseling sessions used to help quit smoking and even less expensive than many types of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), such as nicotine gum or lozenges, when the NRT is needed several times before a person finally quits smoking. 

In addition, if hypnotherapy does help you finally quit this bad habit, then you will save money every day after obtaining it when you no longer feel the need to purchase cigarettes. 

If you would like to quit smoking, then try hypnosis for smoking cessation, now that you know the facts behind these common hypnotherapy myths. Contact a hypnotherapy center in your area, such as Sensorium Hypnosis, to learn more.