When you hear the word "obstetrician," you probably think of the doctor who delivers your baby. But an obstetrician (OB) is also a gynecologist who specializes in pregnancy and childbirth. These doctors are trained to provide care for all aspects of a woman's reproductive system, so they can address any concerns you may have about your body or your baby's health. If you're pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, it's important to find an OB who fits your needs and schedule. Here are three reasons why you should schedule OB services during pregnancy:

Reduce The Risk Of Complications During Pregnancy 

When you have a regular schedule of OB appointments, it allows your doctor to better monitor any complications that may arise during pregnancy or immediately after birth. This includes monitoring high blood pressure, spotting, vaginal bleeding, or pain in the pelvis area. If these symptoms occur during your pregnancy, it's important for them to be addressed quickly so that they do not become more serious issues later on down the road.

Monitor Your Baby's Growth and Development

As an expectant mother, the last thing you wish is for your baby to have any complications. You can avoid developing complications and ensure your baby's healthy growth by regularly seeing an OB during your pregnancy. During the visits, your doctor will perform various tests at each visit, including ultrasounds and blood work. Ultrasounds can allow doctors to see your baby's heart and organs while they're still inside your body. Tests like amniocentesis can check for any genetic diseases. These tests can reveal if your baby is growing properly or if there are any complications with their health, which can help ensure that any problems are addressed in good time.

Discuss Safe Labor and Delivery Options

Most women don't realize until later on in their pregnancies that they do have options when it comes to how they deliver their babies, especially when it comes down to natural childbirth versus cesarean section procedures. If you want more information on what type of delivery option is suitable for you, the OB can help you determine this. Through regular observation of your pregnancy journey, they can analyze your health condition and needs and recommend ideal delivery options for your baby.

Regularly scheduling appointments with your OB during pregnancy can help you reduce the risks of complications and monitor your baby's growth and development. Based on your condition, the doctor can recommend how often you need to see the obstetrician. 

For more information, contact a local OB service