Working out at home is not always preferable to hitting the gym. Yet, a good home workout could have very positive benefits when the right equipment is integrated into the proper workout sessions. Unfortunately, most home workouts are self-taught. A better plan is to work with a personal trainer to develop a good workout with the proper form, mechanics, and intensity.

Basic Workouts Hit The Entire Body

Assuming you must perform an extensive, high-intensity workout to achieve decent fat burning and muscle building results is incorrect. As long as you watch your diet, the following exercises are going to have a tremendous impact on your appearance and overall health:

  • Jumping rope
  • Push-ups
  • Body weight squats
  • Pull-Ups

There is more to getting the most out of these exercises than just starting out slow and building up the duration and repetitions over time. Working with a personal trainer for a few sessions could reveal a few "secrets" to get the most out of these simple exercises.

Instructing Good Form and Proper Mechanics

Without proper instruction, you are not likely to perform the exercises in the manner necessary to achieve great results. A common mistake people make with push-ups, for example, is to only go half-way down. Performing "half a push-up" dramatically cuts down on the effectiveness of the exercise and limits the muscles it hits. With a personal trainer, you would learn the fine points of how to do this-- and other-- exercises correctly.

Teaching Variations on Standard Exercises

In order to continue making gains on these simple exercises, a few performance modifications end up being necessary. Altering how wide or narrow your grip is with pull-ups and push-ups can help you overcome a plateau. Integrating forward and backwards jump steps when doing squats further targets the muscles of the lower body. Engaging in interval training during rope jumping sessions is not easy, but the boosted fat burning results definitely delivers motivation.

Personal trainers know a ton of variations on traditional exercises and can effectively teach them.

Maximizing the Use of Supporting Equipment

Special hand grips can be used to better distribute your weight during push-ups. Ankle weights can be worn while executing pull-ups as they add more gravity to the exercise. Similarly, a weighted vest can be worn during rope jumping and aid in increasing the cardio benefits immensely.

While helpful, supporting equipment increases the intensity and difficulty level of various exercises. Good instruction, like that available from 180 Fitness, in the use of such equipment not only maximizes the benefits, but ensures you work out safely.