If you own a small business or a start-up, building a strong team with a focus on staff enjoyment is important. The trouble is, if you are in a small office, how can you offer similar wellness programs that large corporations are able to? Here are four ways you can bring the feel of a corporate wellness program to a smaller office environment.

1. Pair up with Other Offices

If you are in a larger office building setting with many different small businesses, pairing up for activities is a great way to bring in health experts and consultants. It would be expensive for a small company to host a yoga instructor or masseuse, and might be embarrassing for just a handful of staff to participate. If you can build a community and split costs with other offices, a larger group can take advantage and not feel on display.

2. Grassroots Wellness Ideas

In a small office environment, there might be a motivated staff member or two that want(s) to tackle wellness ideas for the office. Ideas such as a walking-at-lunch program or putting together a planning committee for your wellness program are things that your staff can take ownership of. This additional leadership should be encouraged, and engaged staff given the time to focus on these efforts.

3. Buy in from the Boss

As the manager of a smaller office, staff will take cues from you to see if wellness is really valued at the office. Staff might worry that engaging in extra programs might take away from their work time and not look professional. As the boss, make time to partake in wellness activities so that your staff knows it is something to make time for and is important to you as well.

4. Let Staff have the Time to Focus on Fitness

If you can be flexible with your staff and their fitness goals, you can create a culture that is well-rounded and have a work/life balance. Coming in late for a bike-to-work day or letting staff augment their hours to hit the gym at lunch are great ways to let your staff have the autonomy they might need to meet their exercise goals.

Wellness programs don't need to be expensive to be a success. Incorporate wellness into your office, but keep checking in and augment activities if things aren't working. Wellness programs can bring a healthy aspect to your office, keep staff engaged and make work more fun. It is worth the time and effort to put together a wellness program even in a smaller office environment. Experts like Figure Weight Loss can help you design your wellness program.