As spring is upon us, many are starting to feel the symptoms of allergies flaring up. For people who deal with seasonal allergies, it can be a miserable time of year. Severe allergies to pollen, weeds, grass, and mold can leave a person feeling stuffed up, tired, and irritable. For people with more severe allergies, oral medications can help minimize symptoms, but they aren't always effective at completely eliminating symptoms. That's why many allergy doctors prescribe a strong nasal spray with corticosteroids, such as fluticasone, to work with allergy medications. Here are 3 of the biggest reasons why:

A Good Nasal Spray Treats Entry Passages Where Allergens Enter the Body

Aside from the mouth, allergens most easily enter the body through the eyes and nose. Avoiding microscopic dust and mold particles is impossible in day-to-day living, and it's inevitable that some will get in your eyes and nose. While medications can block histamines and lessen the body's reaction to allergens, they aren't always effective at stopping reactions to things easily and constantly entering the eyes and the mouth. The corticosteroids in some nasal sprays prevent and reduce nasal and eye swelling caused by allergic reactions, but they also stop allergic reactions from developing by covering the nasal passageways with allergen blockers.

A Good Nasal Spray Improves Breathing and Sleep

Although some allergy medications make people drowsy, a corticosteroid spray won't. However, that doesn't mean you won't be able to sleep better. One dosage of spray in each nostril will work through the night, which means that your throat and nose will be clear of mucus and swelling. Many people snore with allergies because of swelling, and this makes it harder to sleep peacefully. With a powerful nasal spray, you may notice your snoring disappear as your breathing improves, and the results are usually seen within minutes. 

A Good Nasal Spray is Not Addictive

One thing many people with seasonal allergies look forward to is the season when they can stop taking medications. Many, however, have struggled to get off over-the-counter nasal sprays because their bodies become addicted to them. There are also some nasal sprays that cause symptoms to worsen if used for more than a week or so. With a spray that has corticosteroids, you will probably not have to worry about addiction or symptoms getting worse as a result of extended use. This is one of the reasons this type of spray was originally used as a prescription drug before it was sold over-the-counter. 

Ultimately, if you have allergies, it's good to know there is more you can do than just taking a medication. A good nasal spray like Dymista can add another line of defense and allow you to get more complete relief from your symptoms throughout the allergy season.