If you are about to get your first professional massage, you may be unsure what to expect or how to act. While for the most part you should simply relax and enjoy your massage, there are a few spa etiquette guidelines to keep in mind. By following these tips you will help ensure a comfortable experience for both you and your massage therapist:

Arrive Early

Be sure to leave plenty early to account for traffic, finding parking, and locating the spa since it's your first time. You will want to arrive early so that you can fill out paperwork, which will ask basic questions about your medical history and what type of massage you are interested in receiving. If you arrive at the last minute and are in a rush, it will be more difficult to get into a relaxed state of mind for your massage.

Communicate Your Preferences

Your massage therapist will ask you what type of pressure you would like and if there are any areas you would like them to focus on. Be sure to mention that it's your first time getting a massage so they can adjust their massage style for you. If the massage pressure is too much or not enough, let them know. You can also politely mention that you prefer less conversation, or would like the music to be lower.

Silence Your Cell Phone

Be sure to turn your cell phone to silent before you enter the spa. Keep in mind that people go to a spa to relax and unwind, so noisy distractions like a ringing cell phone are a definite "no" even in the waiting area.

Don't Stress About Nudity

If you've never gotten a massage before you may be pretty nervous about whether or not you should be nude during it. While most people do opt for nudity during a massage (you will be covered with a sheet and your massage therapist will not be in the room when you are changing), it's also perfectly okay to keep your underwear on if that makes you more comfortable. Your massage therapist just wants you to be comfortable and relaxed, so don't stress about your choice too much.

Don't Forget to Tip

Most etiquette experts recommend tipping at least 15-20% for a massage at a day spa. Remember that if you purchased your massage through a discount site or with a coupon, you should tip on the full, un-discounted amount.

By following these simple etiquette tips, you will be able to relax and enjoy your massage with the knowledge that you are being a considerate spa guest. To learn more, contact a company like Health Atlast Fountain Valley