If you're getting older, you're likely noticing that your eyes aren't as good as they used to be. Once you pass the age of 40, you may notice that you can't see objects up close or that it's difficult to see at night. You may even notice that your vision is partially obstructed by floating dark spots. All of these are completely normal occurrences that almost everyone experiences, so it's nothing to worry about. However, there are treatments to help with these issues. If you're over the age of 40, watch out for these common age-related vision problems and report them to your eye doctor. 

Floating Dots and Blobs

Floaters appear as dark spots that float across your field of vision. They are most easily seen in bright light, but can affect your vision at any time. Floaters can appear like dots, lines, circles, or webs. Floaters are caused by old cells and debris that have clumped together in the gel-like substance that makes up the interior of your eye. While floaters are usually harmless, they can lead to complications, such as retinal detachment, in a small number of cases. Sudden flashing lights are a sign that you need to see an eye doctor immediately. 

Blurry Vision up Close

If you're holding objects far away to read them or if you have taken to using reading glasses, you're likely suffering from a condition called presbyopia. This condition is so common that virtually everyone gets it. In presbyopia, the lens of your eye gets stiff, making it more difficult for you to focus. In this condition, your vision doesn't necessarily get worse. You may still be able to see far away objects as well as you used to. However, you will have trouble focusing on near objects. 

Problems Seeing at Night

As you age, protein within your eye's lens may begin to clump and change colors, forming a cataract. When this occurs, you will first notice that you cannot see as well at night. Cataracts are essentially a buildup of yellowish protein that causes you to have cloudy and brown-tinted vision. As they progress, you will not see colors as brightly and your vision will become dim. Cataracts can be removed surgically. 

Age-related eye problems are extremely common and to be expected. If you're over the age of 40 and have vision problems, you're likely suffering from one of these common conditions. However, you should still seek treatment because there are things that will help you see better. Contact an ophthalmologist for more information.