When you get your medication from a compound pharmacy, they are going to be able to create your medication for you rather than acting as a distributor and simply giving you the medication that is already pre-made in a set way. There are several benefits that come along with having a medication that is created for you, many of which you don't get with a pre-made, standard medication. This article is going to discuss three excellent benefits of getting your medication from a compound pharmacy. 

It Is Personalized to You

When you get your medication from a compound pharmacy, the pharmacist is going to be making the medication for you on site. Because of this, the pharmacist is going to be able to include several different personalizations that they otherwise wouldn't be able to. This may include changing the ingredients in the medication to account for certain allergies, changing the flavor of the medication to something that you like, adjusting the strength of the medication to meet your needs, or changing the dosage forms to make the medicine more effective for you. All of these adjustments personalize the medication to your needs and allow it work safely and effectively for you. 

You Know That These Compound Medications Are Made to Be Safe 

Just as regular medications are regulated by the FDA, compound medications are as well. The pharmacists who create them for you are going to follow the same laws that regular medications have to comply with but are simply going to personalize the medications within these regulations to make them more equipped to meet your needs. Knowing that you are getting a medication that is both safe and effective is a win-win. 

Your Doctor and Pharmacist Will Work Together

While there is sometimes somewhat of a disconnect between the doctor who prescribes your medication to you and your pharmacist who gives you your medication, this is not the case with compounding pharmacies. A lot of the time doctors and pharmacists work together to discuss the specific needs of a patient when it comes to their prescribed medication. They will discuss any specializations that the medication needs in order to be safe and effective for the patient. This discussion between doctor and pharmacist is often going to take place while you are still with you doctor, thus allowing you to also add any input that you may have on your medication needs. 

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