If your home is your castle, it makes sense to make a few improvements that ensure it remains your castle, even in the face of disability, old age, or mobility problems. Check out a few of the modifications you can make to your home to make sure all of the rooms are easily accessible.

1. Install a Stair Lift

Stairs are one of the most common obstacles for individuals who use a wheelchair or motorized scooter. Instead of remodeling your home to include wheel chair ramps, fit the stairs with a stair lift.

You can have chair lifts installed on both interior and exterior stairs. You may worry that the lifts will detract from the beauty of your home; however, there are an assortment of lifts available so that you can choose an option that matches the style and decor in your home. Talk to a professional like those at All-Star Lifts about your options.

2. Alter Your Doorways

If you need to use a wheelchair, you have to make sure it can comfortably fit through the doorways in your home. You have a couple options to make sure your doorways are large enough for a wheelchair.

One possibility is to actually widen the doorway. To do this, a carpenter will remove the existing door and door trim to cut the wall around the door. Once it is the appropriate width, the wider door and trim are installed.

You can also remodel your home to give it an open concept design. For example, you may be able to remove walls so that you can freely move between your kitchen, living room, and dining room.

3. Make Your Bathroom a Safe Space

Bathrooms are potentially dangerous for those with mobility problems.

See that your bathroom is safe by starting with your bathtub. Bathtubs are extremely difficult to use if you cannot move well in part due to the height of the tub walls. Consider removing your bathtub and replacing it with a large walk in shower that includes a spacious shower seat and a handicap grab bar. If you can't give up your baths, a walk-in tub is another possibility.

Install a raised toilet and a grab bar to make is easier to use the facilities.

Fit your sinks with single level faucets equipped with an anti-scald feature. If you are in a wheel chair, you may have problems using and adjusting a standard faucet.

Many individuals prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible, rather than moving to a nursing home. With a few changes, you can remodel your home so that it fulfills your changing needs as you grow older.