Have you have recently purchased an electric wheelchair for yourself or a loved one? If this is your first time use of a power wheelchair and your very first purchase, you may not be very familiar with the many accessories that are available for wheelchair users. While many of the available wheelchair accessories are designed for comfort and safety, some are purely optional and considered to be luxury items. Have a closer look at some of the common (and perhaps not-so-common) accessories offered by your favorite medical supply store or wheelchair dealer. Here are a few accessories that just might be a match made in heaven for your power wheelchair:

1. Wheelchair Cup Holder

While some might consider this option not a necessity, others will find it very useful. If you plan on using your electric wheelchair for a long stretch of time, such as hours on end, you will find a cup holder accessory is a must-have. It is an inexpensive accessory that will fit most style of electric wheelchairs. It is generally made with a clamping type "arm" that easily attaches to the wheelchair. Now you can ride with your morning cup of coffee, bottled water or any beverage and not be concerned about spilling your drink. Be sure you purchase the cup holder designed for your model wheelchair. 

2. Nylon Wheelchair Tote Bag

Simply attach the tote bag to the back of your wheelchair seat. Most tote bags feature deep pockets that allow you to store items such as cell phone, magazines, books, newspapers, blankets and small grocery items. You might prefer a wheelchair tote bag with reflective trim. This allows for better visibility, especially when using your wheelchair at night.

3. Wheelchair Back Cushion

This accessory offers support for the back and spine. Look for back cushions in a low, high, or standard size back. You will also find models designed for pediatric wheelchair use. Vertical shell slots will mount the back cushion and hold it firmly in place. These are typically made with an aluminum shell and hardware. For convenience, look for breathable material with a surface that is machine washable.

4. Wheelchair Oxygen Tank Holder

If you must carry an oxygen tank with you as you move about, you'll probably find this wheelchair accessory is a necessity. Be sure the oxygen tank holder is designed to fit your size tank, which is typically anywhere from a size A to E. A nylon material will wipe clean easily and will fit neatly over the back of the wheelchair. Quick release buttons will let you remove the holder as needed.

5. Back of the Seat Cane Holder Bag

If you prefer to take your cane with you as you ride in your wheelchair, this accessory is ideal. Basically, this is a narrow yet sturdy bag that will hold your cane as you travel in your wheelchair. It attaches to the back of the wheelchair seat with an elastic strap. Some bags may also be used to hold crutches. It is a simple idea, yet very practical and useful. Alternatively, you might want to consider a cane attachment that snaps onto the arm of the wheelchair.

6. Wheelchair Ramp

These assistive device features an inclined surface. It will allow you to access your van or SUV easily. Some wheelchair ramps also fold easily for compact storage. Wheelchair ramps are often constructed of rubber or aluminum.

7. Footrest and Armrest Accessories

Basically, these accessories are cushions, covers and pads designed for the arm or foot of your wheelchair. You'll find extended width foam armrest pads, leg support straps and leg rest extenders that prevent the foot from sliding off of the footrest.

Check out sites like https://cornermedical.com/ and ask your dealer to show you all of the accessories available for your electric wheelchair. There may be other helpful products that can maximize your comfort.