If you are a pregnant teenager, you need the support and love of your parents during this challenging and emotional time in your life. However, you may find yourself scared to tell them. You may be worried about what they will think, how they will react or that they will be disappointed in you. Here are a few tips on how to approach the situation and let your parents know that you are pregnant:

Confide In Someone You Trust First

Before you break the news to your parents that you are pregnant, take the time to confide in someone you trust and that you know will be supportive of your decision. This may be a friend, the child's father, an older sibling, or another relative. Telling someone you know you can confide in is a great ice breaker and a great way to work up the nerve to begin to tell other people, such as your parents. Having someone to practice what you want to say on or to hear your feelings during this time is extremely beneficial. 

Sit Down When Your Parents Have Time

When you are preparing to tell one or both of your parents that you are pregnant, wait for a time when you know they have time to have this discussion. It is unfair to tell them in passing as they are rushing off to work or for an appointment. When the time is right and they are not going anywhere, tell them that you have something important to tell them and ask if you all can talk. 

Be Calm and Straight Forward

When the time comes to spill the beans, do not beat around the bush. You may be nervous and anxious, but leaving your parents guessing only builds up their anxiety and worry. This makes them emotional before you even tell them what is going on. Be clear, calm, and straight to the point. Be prepared for questions and a reaction you may not want. If need be, walk away from the situation if it gets emotional. Unfortunately, this news can be difficult to digest. However, know that your parents love you and when they get over the initial shock, you can approach the subject again. 

If you are still struggling with telling your parents that you are a pregnant teenager, a pregnancy counselor may be able to help. The counselor can give you tips on how to tell them yourself or sit down with you while you break the news to your parents. This can help give you a safe space to say what you need to say while having someone there to support you. Contact a pregnancy counselor today if you need help coping with the pregnancy or telling your parents about it. 

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