Being able to speak clearly and effectively is essential for communicating both with your loved ones and your co-workers. Unfortunately, speech pathology issues can be a problem that many people experience, and while this can be a disruptive problem to have, there may be treatment solutions available to help patients overcome their speech issues.

Assumption: Speech Problems Only Develop Early In A Person's Life

It can be common for individuals that have speech issues to have developed them fairly early in life. However, it should be noted that it is also possible for adults to develop these speech issues. In particular, this can be a common side effect of a variety of neurological injuries. For example, a person may develop speech issues following a stroke or other traumatic brain injury. In fact, speech recovery therapy can be an essential step in the rehabilitation process for these patients.

Assumption: Speech Therapy Is Not Effective With Adults

Speech therapy is one of the more common approaches that will be used to address speech issues. This is a particularly common approach when it comes to children with speech issues as therapy can be an effective way of teaching them techniques to overcome their speech problem before these habits become ingrained. However, individuals should avoid assuming that speech therapy is only effective with children. In fact, speech therapy can be an effective tool in helping adults to overcome their speech problems as well. While an adult may require slightly longer to get the same level of results, they may still be pleasantly surprised by the difference that this type of therapy can have on their ability to speak.

Assumption: Speech Therapy Is The Only Option For Addressing Speech Impediments

While speech therapy can be one of the most effective tools for addressing common speech impediments, there are some patients that may suffer from these problems due to structural issues with their mouths and sinuses. For these individuals, surgical procedures may be required in order to mitigate the issue that is causing their speaking issues. While any type of surgery can be an intimidating process, speech pathology procedures can generally be completed using minimally invasive techniques. This can limit the discomfort that the patient experiences while also greatly reducing their recovery time. To determine whether this is an option for your speech issues, a speech pathology surgery provider will need to perform an evaluation to assess the structural issues that you may be suffering from.

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