Using stem cell treatment to fight various diseases or health problems is a growing field within the medical industry. Stem cell treatment may be an area of ongoing research but there are some conditions where it might be worth giving a shot. Here's why seeking out stem cell treatment might be a viable option to consider if you or a loved one have COPD.

COPD Makes It Hard to Breathe

COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is known for causing breathing problems due to airflow blockage. Patients with COPD may develop issues like chronic bronchitis or emphysema. The website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that there is no cure for this disease but that treatment to ease the symptoms can be provided.

Stem Cell Treatment May Regenerate Damaged Tissue

Stem cell treatment may be a bit experimental in nature but the reason doctors and scientists find it useful is that it may possibly help the body regenerate damaged tissue. For example, if a COPD patient has damaged lung tissue, stem cell treatment may be able to restore at least some lung capacity in theory.

Stem Cell Treatment May Reduce Inflammation

When COPD blocks a person's airflow, it can cause inflammation and other issues. By possibly regenerating tissue and easing the problem, the inflammation caused by COPD may also be reduced. This can help a person feel more comfortable even if the COPD problem is never going to go fully away.

Stem Cell Treatment May Improve Quality of Life

When a person has COPD, life becomes more difficult every day. There might be good days and bad days but the COPD will always be there and it might start acting up and causing an issue with someone's breathing at any time. By using stem cell treatment and other medical options to treat the symptoms of COPD, a person's overall quality of life may be able to be improved. In other words, you may be able to have more good days than bad days as a result of getting stem cell treatment and following other advice from your doctor.

Stem Cell Treatment May Slow COPD Progression

Early studies published by the National Library of Medicine and elsewhere have indicated that stem cell treatment may slow the progression of COPD. Because COPD is a progressive and chronic disease, a patient may eventually reach the point where the COPD or complications from COPD result in the end of life. But if a patient has an opportunity to slow this progression and theoretically increase their life span, stem cell treatment may be worth looking into. 

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